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Estudiantes del MBA en inglés “Master in Business administration” de UNIR

Master inBusiness Administration (MBA) - 100% in English

Labor Field


October 21, 2024


1 academic year




Online and/or in person


Online interactive



Achieve a professional position in line with your training

The MBA in English at UNIR will allow you to assume positions of great responsibility in which you will add value by applying all your skills and strategic vision. You will understand digital trends, have the necessary knowledge to solve problems in demanding environments, and be able to successfully lead high-performance work teams.

Become the digital leader who can adapt to today's complex and constantly changing environment. You will be able to obtain positions of:

  • Executive Management, by providing a transversal vision of the business and ensuring the fulfillment of the company's objectives.
  • Digital Transformation Management by ensuring the digitization of the company or entity.
  • Operations Management, by optimally executing the company's processes.
  • Financial Management, by making decisions on key aspects of the institution.
  • Marketing Management, by establishing objectives, assessing and monitoring results and identifying new markets.
  • Human Resources Management, by carrying out tasks like recruiting talent and managing teams.
  • Manager, by leading projects within the company and managing the different teams involved.
  • Business consultant, by advising all parties involved and ensuring the correct long-term operation.
  • Entrepreneur, by leading, managing projects and research with their own vision and purpose, assuming the risks of the entrepreneurial function.

Professional profile

At the end of the program you will have practical and solid knowledge on an advanced level in different fields.

  • Global vision of the elements of a company: organization, accounting, finance, marketing and other aspects necessary and parallel to a successful management.
  • Decision-making to manage technological change, and use information tools to improve management with innovation as a competitive weapon.
  • Management and Business Administration.

Our graduates improve professionally

of students found new opportunities after finishing their master's degree
of students improved their salary after completing the master's degree