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Master in Business Administration (MBA) - 100% in English

Management training with an international focus


October 21, 2024


1 academic year




Online and/or in person


Online interactive



Our graduates of the online learning MBA endorse their professional improvement

of graduates at UNIR’s MBA have improved salary-wise and professionally.
of graduates took up new professional opportunities upon completing their MBA at UNIR.
of graduates highlight the quality of the lecturers, the subject contents, and the methodology.
A methodology tailored to you

Case Method

Make team decisions to solve business problems and develop your managerial skills.

Experiential training

100% live online classes, laboratories, workshops, activities, and a virtual campus.

Competency-based learning

Immerse yourself in business management with real projects linked to digital transformation.

Active networking

Participate in groups with students with similar profiles and increase your contacts.

Personalized follow-up

You will have the continuous support of a tutor who will accompany you throughout your training.

Online and in-person exams

Choose for each subject and session whether you want to take the exam from your computer or in the centers enabled by UNIR.

Learn from a faculty with international experience with MBA online in English

Professors working on UNIR’s MBA are managers, engineers, and leaders in multinationals who will provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can apply it to business management.

Docente UNIR

ADECCO GROUP INSTITUTE. Director y emprendedor, con experiencia en el desarrollo de negocios. Además, es abogado y directivo en varias empresas multinacionales del sector de RRHH. Apasionado de la comunicación y la investigación.

Francisco Javier Blasco de Luna

Docente UNIR

MAPFRE. Innovation Project & Knowledge Manager y mentor en programas de aceleración. Especialista en reestructurar empresas para enfocarlas en la innovación, el desarrollo de nuevos productos, el crecimiento ágil y los resultados.

Carlos Sanchez Corrales


Controller en Isolux. Experto en gestión operativa y dirección financiera de proyectos internacionales. Gestión grandes carteras a nivel internacional.

Luis Muñoz Velasco

Docente UNIR

JRO DERIVATES. Director Ejecutivo y Socio Fundador de consultora de riesgos financieros y finanzas cuantitativas. Cuenta con experiencia en la cobertura de riesgos, habiendo desarrollado su actividad en instituciones como Coopers & Lybrand.

José López Rojas
Get to know the complete faculty

Delve into the 7 Specialisms of the Master in Business Management And Administration

Further enhance your Master's Degree in Business Management and Administration with a double degree and expand your job opportunities.

Delve into the effective management of stakeholders, risks, resources and times with the methodology of the Project Manager Institute®, the most important association of project managers globally.



Manage employee performance, design remuneration policies, and evaluate performance with the skills and competencies needed to succeed in HR.



Specialize in cash management, international means of payment, financial risk management or cash pooling.



Lead new business models with skills in blended marketing, e-commerce, virtual community management, customer experience or social media monetization.



Get the most out of your company data with Power BI. Implement business intelligence systems with MATLAB.



Conduct a funding round with a pre-launch study, and address best practices, legal aspects, or the search for funding.



Address the digital challenges in the public service and develop your skills in administration.



Rankings Place Us Among the Best MBA in Spain

MBA Oficial de EspañaFSO, 2023
MBA Oficial online en EspañaMundoMBA, 2022
MBA Oficial online en EspañaPortalMBA, 2022
Meet our alumni experiences

“Thanks to the Master’s Degree Thesis Project, I saw that the app I wanted to create was possible. With the MBA, I gained the confidence and skills to start a business.”

Alberto Manuel López

Online MBA student and founder of WeFish


“UNIR’s MBA allowed me to grow. Today, I lead a group of people and have expanded my role and responsabilities. The quality of the faculty is fundamental due to their extensive experience.”

Luis Sebastián de Frutos

Online MBA student

alumno mba

“This Master’s Degree has complemented my previous training and has made possible a range of greater job opportunities and allowed me to aspire to positions of greater responsibility.”

Juan Ibáñez

Online MBA student

alumno mba

“I wanted to pursue an online MBA that was recognized internationally, was affordable, and that would help me gain practical knowledge to apply at my workplace. UNIR fulfilled all these requirements.”

Fahim Zuberi

Pakistani student of the MBA in English at UNIR

alumno fahim-zuberi mba

Solve Real Cases of Companies Collaborating in our MBA

Learn from real cases studied at Harvard using the online case method. In the live classes of the Master’s Degree in Business Management, the dynamics of companies such as Netflix, HP, Vueling, Applus+ or Dell Online, among others, will be simulated. In multidisciplinary teams, you will be required to make action-oriented decisions.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive UNIR program with RED Proyectum, a platform of companies that allows you to write your Master’s Degree Thesis based on real problems faced in developing their business. You will earn an academic certificate to include in your resume upon completion.

Validate Your MBA Postgraduate Internships Online If You Have Professional Experience

To apply for the recognition of internships in companies (6 ECTS), you must provide accreditation for one full-time year or two half years carrying out tasks related to the competencies inherent in the degree. You will need to submit your resume, work-life report and a company certificate specifying the position performed, the roles and the development time. If you do not have experience, you can do your virtual or face-to-face internship with around 1,700 leading companies.

Business and academic recognitions from UNIR's official online MBA

The most prestigious associations in business endorse us

UNIR is the only spanish university member of the four most prestigious associations in the academic world in the business area.

Certified Faculty

The Faculty of Business and Communication is certified according to the AUDIT Model and has obtained Institutional Accreditation.

Times Higher Education Ranking places UNIR among the university elite

UNIR has been recognized as the best Spanish online university from an international perspective. This is one of the most recognized rankings worldwide, which also places us as the 8th private university and 12th among all universities in the country. The publication highlights the more than 1,000 research articles published in the last five years in Scopus.

Get your questions answered

The MBA is aimed at economic and business profiles and offers perfectly valid multidisciplinary training for professionals from other fields who aspire to manage a company (engineers, health, marketing specialists, etc.). It offers a global strategic vision applicable to a multitude of sectors.

If you are looking to access management positions in the different areas of a company, and/or  you want to stay updated or strengthen your knowledge, or are going to start a business, UNIR’s MBA is for you.


Over 3,000 students have studied UNIR’s Master’s in Administration and Management to face new professional challenges. Moreover, in the months after completing the MBA, 3 out of every 4 graduates have improved professionally and in terms of salary.


As a UNIR MBA student, you will face real problems experienced in companies like Netflix, Hewlett Packard, Vueling, Imaginarium, Molson Canada, Benneton, Applus+ or Dell Online. We are pioneers in the implementation of the online “Case Method”.

Each case is prepared in teams of students, discussed in class through the teacher’s guide, and resolved in a session where the most relevant conclusions are presented. Unlike in other universities, it is not simply a practical case that the student solves and then the teacher corrects. At UNIR, we take a step further, and the interaction with other people involved is a fundamental characteristic for the success of cases since the dynamics lived in companies are simulated.

In the final plenary session, the representatives of each team have a voice, and the teacher presents the main conclusions, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches provided. The other teams can take advantage of it to improve the development of their training. In addition, everything is recorded so you can visualize it as many times as you need.


The many formats and modalities offered make it easier to study for the MBA. An online Master’s Degree that adapts to your personal situation and provides two calls a year: one in April and another in November.


UNIR’s MBA favors partial funding through scholarships from different agencies. Payment can be made as a single payment or in instalments, with an additional discount in the first case.


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