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9 diciembre 2016

Durant les derniers jours, je suis allé à Marrakech, pour participer en la Marocaine conférence de l’éducation ouverte.  La signification que ce mot a pour tous les participants devient une question non conclu aussi, depuis le terme n’est pas claire sur le professionnel de l’éducation et de la recherche.

Participants en la Marocaine conférence de l’éducation ouverte et du projet OpenMed / Foto: Fabio Nascimbeni
Participants en la Marocaine conférence de l’éducation ouverte et du projet OpenMed

23 noviembre 2016

ICT, Innovation and Education go usually hand to hand, nowadays. When politicians, teachers, policy makers, administrative staff and other facilitators support their visions and projects with words, it seems that nothing worths the same if it is not innovative enough.

With Mr. David Atchoarena, Director Education and Lifelong Learning
With Mr. David Atchoarena, Director Education and Lifelong Learning

22 septiembre 2016

In chat with Hal Plotkin, from Creative Commons, he supported the post-publication validation from the users, instead of the pre-publication peer-review from the editors.

From the round table of day 1, when discussing with Hal Plotkin and other colleagues in the main auditorium

21 septiembre 2016

Current Learning Management Systems (in fact, since the beginning of these tools) try to build a meeting place to provide centralized services to users (i.e. students, teachers, tutors, professors, admin staff, etc.)

With Reinaldo Portal and Martin Dougiamas, founder & CEO of Moodle. We had the chance to work together about the integration of IMS Learning Design and standardized educational resources in Moodle, back in 2004-2005

21 septiembre 2016

Yesterday afternoon, and in line with the opening ceremony of the 22nd International Congress of Distance Education CIAED (ABED), organized by the Brazilian Association of Distance Education (ABED), and chaired by Prof. Dr. Frederic Litto, we had a round table. It was interesting because of the active contribution from the participants, because of the instant adaptation of the speakers to the conditions (no instant translation, dealing with Portuguese, English and Spanish at the same time), and because of some issues that were tackled.

With Prof. Frederic Litto, president of ABED, and significant actor on distance education in Brazil and Latin-America

20 septiembre 2016

El 14 de septiembre tuve el placer de participar en la 17ª edición del congreso Interacción, promovido por la Asociación para la Interacción Persona-Ordenador, AIPO.

Con Jesús Torres, profesor de la Universidad de Salamanca y alumno aventajado de hace 20 años, cuando fundé y dirigí la Escuela Superior de Comunicación Interactiva (ESAC): la primera institución de Educación Superior 100% online creada en Europa, en español y con servicio a Latinoamérica, en 1994