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Yesterday afternoon, and in line with the opening ceremony of the 22nd International Congress of Distance Education CIAED (ABED), organized by the Brazilian Association of Distance Education (ABED), and chaired by Prof. Dr. Frederic Litto, we had a round table. It was interesting because of the active contribution from the participants, because of the instant adaptation of the speakers to the conditions (no instant translation, dealing with Portuguese, English and Spanish at the same time), and because of some issues that were tackled.

With Prof. Frederic Litto, president of ABED, and significant actor on distance education in Brazil and Latin-America

Open data, crowdsourcing y gamificación son términos que se usan habitualmente en distintos ámbitos. Sin embargo, el diario británico The Guardian consiguió obtener una ventaja competitiva sobre su periódico rival (The Telegraph) combinándolos en una iniciativa de periodismo de investigación que, además, pone de relieve la participación ciudadana y el uso cívico de la tecnología.

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